Outdoor Games Take the Fun to the Garden

Summer is upon us and with that come a flurry of outdoor games and activities – garden parties, barbecues, fireworks shows – all the fun under the sun! If you are considering a new garden design and installation there are many things to consider, especially how you are going to spend your outdoor time, especially when entertaining.

Outdoor games are the perfect way to entertain both children and adults. Flat spaces definitely allow for a lot of activities to take place. Some games just require space – a nice lush lawn is the perfect set up for a badminton court or a cornhole tournament. Patios offer the perfect level playing field for a ping pong table.

Other games require specific design and installation, but can offer hours of fun. If you have a large flat space you can consider a bocce ball court. Whether regulation built in size and material or more informal blending into the existing landscape, a bocce ball court would be a fun addition to your outdoor entertaining time.

Two other possibilities for outdoor games require specific interest. Have a chess player in your life? What about a life-sized chess playing field to really spark interest in the game. We’ve done it before, not only is it a fun idea, but a life-sized board game in the garden also looks pretty beautiful.

Finally, what better way to improve your golf game than installing your own personal putting green in your garden! Artificial turf for the landscape has really improved in quality and can be a welcome addition to any landscape for putting or play.

Whatever outdoor games occupy your garden this summer remember fun is the number one rule.

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  1. Brandon

    Cassidy your piece was amazing, it really makes me want a backyard!

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