Water Features in Garden Design

Trickle, trickle, trickle. Splash, splash, splash. You’re sitting in your garden and suddenly you are transported to a romantic courtyard in Barcelona or a gushing waterfall in Kauai. A water element can add a dream-like experience to your garden as well as be functional.

Water features in garden design:
• help to mask noisy streets or noisy neighbors
• help to cool a stone patio on a blistering summer day
• make use of a blank wall or hide an ugly eyesore
• create a destination point in any sized garden
• provide a water source for birds and other wildlife

A water element creates visual and acoustic beauty in the garden. It can be in the form of a simple overflowing urn or boulder or a sheet of water trickling over textured pebbles or colored tiles. Built into a hillside with boulders and smooth river-washed stone, a water element can echo nature’s ponds and streams, creating a new habitat for aquatic ecosystems. A reflecting pond creates a place for contemplation and helps small spaces appear larger. A ground level water runnel bisecting patios, paths, or planting areas adds geometry and movement. A water element can even be in the form of an Endless Pool which provides exercise, play, and relaxation all in one.

If water moves you, our designers can work with you to consider what type of water element makes the most sense for your lifestyle and how it may be incorporated into your garden design.

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