Succulent Garden Extravaganza

Our design department field trip to the Succulent Garden Extravaganza was super fun. The folks over at Succulent Gardens put on a real nice shindig. We enjoyed the presentations, our fellow succulent lovers, and good barbecue – and we all came back with lots of new plants for our gardens. Here’s a collage of some of our favorites from the day. Stay tuned to the next “The Delinquent Gardener” for garden photos.

6 Responses to “Succulent Garden Extravaganza”

  1. Gina Gotsill

    Wow! A succulent gardener’s dream! I especially love the bird house and the rows and rows of succulents. Thanks for posting!

  2. pamcosce

    Hi Gina,

    Pretty neat stuff. You should visit the nursery if you’re ever down in Castroville.

  3. SoundEagle

    How spectacular the garden is! Thank you for sharing the photos. You obviously had a great trip and time there!

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