playgrounds rule

When considering a garden design and construction project you must first ask yourself what do you want to change and why.  I think the answer to that question for many parents is they want a place for the kids to go, have fun and be out of the house – sound familiar?

This garden features a patio for the parents and a play area for the kids

These days backyard play sets, swing sets, and sandboxes are all the rage – it’s like having the benefits of park playgrounds in your own backyard.  There are many options when it comes to themes and features of play sets.  We love working with this vendor, Backyard Adventures, they have tons of playgrounds to chose from and have dealers located all over.

We’ve installed lots of garden playgrounds; from custom to prefab I’m sure there is an option for play areas in your garden.  One couple was looking to install a space for the kids which could ultimately grow up as they did.  The basic idea for construction was to start with deck plans and turn it into a playground.  Ultimately the space can be turned back into a deck for the families’ enjoyment once the kids outgrow the play areas.  The space was easily turned into a two level area based on the topography of the garden.

From the top of the deck a playground slide was installed that travels to underneath the main deck platform where a tire swing hangs.  Also, a simple rock climbing wall was installed for older kids of the family up the side of the two level play area.  A simple playground tarp roof created the fort like atmosphere and sun protection many prefab playgrounds offer.  The luxury of this playground equipment is once you don’t want it to be a play area anymore you remove the playground aspects, do a little repair work on the railings and you have a fabulous deck entertaining space overlooking the garden.

Recently, in another garden, we installed a prefab playground unit from Backyard Adventures in the lowest part of the terraced garden.  To add a bit of whimsy for the kids we added a ladder and bridge from the upper terrace that accesses the top level of the play structure.  From the sound of it the kids are really enjoying their kid friendly terrace and all the ways to access their new play sets, which even includes a swing set!

Should you decide to just install play sets in your garden, remember a good playground surface is very important.  Install a thick layer of playground fiber, or colorful playground rubber mulch, with a bend a board edge or research newer products like rubber playground mats to set your new play sets on top of.