Fall Is a Great Time for Planting

As the weather turns cool in autumn, and leaves start to change and fall, it’s a great time to plant new plants and transplant shrubs and trees. Although our climate in the San Francisco Bay Area is conducive to planting all year around, autumn planting is particularly good because (ideally) the rains are coming and soil temperature is typically warmer than in spring, which creates a great environment for root growth

It’s also a great time for transplanting shrubs and trees because the cooler temperatures allow for less transpiration and they also benefit from the beneficial environment for root development – and plants are typically in more dormant states during the winter.

Planting bulbs in autumn makes for great spring shows of favorite bulbs like daffodils, tulips, freesia and iris.

If you’re mindful of water use and like natural looking landscapes, consider planting a California native garden, or focus your plant selections on plants that share our Mediterranean climatezones like the Mediterranean and parts of Australia, New Zealand, Chile and North and South Africa.

Give us a call if you have questions about fall planting or plants that work well in our San Francisco Bay Area microclimates.

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