Incorporating Garden Art

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area we are fortunate enough that our yards can act as an extension of the house, a place to gather, entertain and enjoy the weather. Like a house being a reflection of your self and your lifestyle, your garden should too.

This is why homeowners typically have items, like sculptures, they wish to incorporate in their garden design, or why once a garden is built they find the perfect place to add finishing touches of garden art. Many homeowners wish to incorporate artful touches into their garden design, which are beautiful pieces of organic garden art.

There are many factors to consider when incorporating sculptures into a new garden – Do they want to be permanent structures, or would a home owner like to move them on a whim – is it important to be a focal point, or would they rather be kept a secret to discover as you meander in the garden?









Like a fine collection of art, this garden features sculptures that became permanent fixtures in the landscape. Each sculpture is placed methodically to take advantage of different viewpoints when in the garden, or the house, and compliment the surrounding views where ever you find yourself.









This garden features metal sculptures that are placed throughout the garden to discover. The large garden features different levels providing many spaces to tuck in the sculptures and showcase them among the plants.










It’s always fun to return to a garden and see how the homeowner has “moved in” once the job is complete. Finishing touches include patio furniture, potted plants and items like bird baths and sculptural art pieces. Finding the perfect place for these items depends on personal preference. I love discovering pieces hidden among the plants, like this stone Buddha head. A little bit of whimsy adds a lot of personal character.




Whimsy can be added organically in the garden too. This moss rock labyrinth under an existing fruit tree adds fun character while protecting and preserving the tree from the newly installed lawn.


cells w succulents and grasses 1

When there is a need for a screen from an unappealing view, a vertical garden can create a living piece of artwork in the garden. The plant types and colors add visual interest making an unfortunate view and unique and interesting feature wall.


3-25-08 004

Also important when considering sculptures in your garden is lighting. That way when you’re enjoying your time outside in the evenings you can still be enjoying your garden art. Even when you’re enjoying your garden from the indoors during the colder months you can still enjoy your garden art if its well lit. This Blue Agave instantly becomes an organic sculpture in the garden, when highlighted during the evenings by the low voltage lighting the organic sculpture has even more impact!

Whatever garden art you decide to incorporate into your garden the number one rule is to enjoy it, like any art, it should evoke a sense of excitement, place and personal preference.