Follow up on Fall bulbs!

Remember this blog post back in November – telling you about planting bulbs to enjoy this Spring? I told you all the planning ahead and work during the cooler months would be worth it. We are finally seeing the fruits of that labor as spring has sprung and bulbs are in full effect around the bay area!

02.22.13 006

Remember the Tulip bulbs we were refrigerating for 6 weeks before actually planting – Take a look they are gorgeous.

02.22.13 00302.22.13 002








The homeowner chose the color variety pack and it is fun to see what bulbs are what color because when they were bulbs they all looked the same. With the variety of Tulips we were sent it seems there were not that many yellow flowering ones in the order – making them even more of a prize. Somehow the yellow just seemed to appear where it needed to – Nature at its finest.










And check out these beautiful blue bells and daffodils in a couple different gardens. They are just fun, playful additions to already beautiful perennial beds.










And they remind us to take advantage of the changing weather – take some time to enjoy your garden between the brief rainstorms we’ve been having and enjoy the mild spring weather. Before you know it – it will be summer and we will be in search of a swimming pool!