5 Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Gas Grill

ra_08_dsc_0057We were so excited to have one of our outdoor kitchens featured in the latest issue of Grilling magazine! Even though we’re not even to Memorial Day, the traditional start of the barbecue season, the weather has been perfect for cooking and dining al fresco. Although if you know anything about me, you know I try to make pretty much any season the perfect season for cooking and entertaining al fresco.

Since the actual season is upon us, start fresh with some quick and easy gas grill cleaning techniques. In addition to a regular scrub down with your grill brush and scraper, consider an annual or bi-annual deep cleaning. Real Simple magazine has one of the best grill cleaning checklists I’ve seen. They promise you can conquer the task in fifteen short minutes. It takes me longer, but I enjoy the benefits of a clean grill.

Here are some other things to consider:

• Skip soapy water if you have cast iron grates – treat them like your cast iron skillet and let them season over time.
• While you’re cleaning, inspect the different elements for rust. You might consider replacing certain pieces if they are really rusty.
• Make sure to clean out any spider webs particularly around the gas connections. They seem to love to create dens in these nooks, and that could potentially cause problems.
• Be sure to check the actual burners for buildup. You want to make sure there is no blockage to so things cook evenly.
• Clean out leaves and debris that have accumulated in and around your grill surround.

Regular maintenance of your gas grill will extend its life and make your grilling experience that much better! Go pick up an issue of Grilling for lots of great recipes. Get out there and enjoy these long, warm nights!