It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall

Well it’s beginning to feel a lot like fall. It’s the time of year when you switch from salads for lunch to soup and you have to pack on an extra layer for your morning dog walk. Okay I guess that’s just how I realized it really feels like fall. Seems like every weekend I’m sweeping up sycamore leaves. And I was actually happy when the winds changed and my neighbors on the opposite side of the street got a taste of the leaf drop. My neighbors have warned me that the winds do change and one side of the street gets the grunt of the leaves. So far we had just experienced it hitting our side. But, I love the look of our sycamore lined street so I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

Sycamore Trees, pre-leaf drop, notice the clean lawn...

Sycamore Trees, pre-leaf drop, notice the clean lawn…

More and more I’ve been enjoying the Fall color. Take a look at our Crape myrtle trees – Its crazy that one of the trees looks like it’s on fire with color, and the other is still trying to express fall.

Crape Myrtle trees - only one is showing fall color so far this season!

Crape Myrtle trees – only one is showing fall color so far this season!

Our lemon tree is busting with fruit. Looks like we are going to have to pick a batch quite soon! I just love fall. Although, we did have one unwanted visitor in our garden this past week, eek! I hate spider season, especially when black widows are out!

Look closely behind the wire...eek! Black widow :/

Look closely behind the wire…eek! Black widow :/

We also had some friends over to celebrate Halloween this past week and help us pass out candy. For dinner I made an excellent fall-themed pumpkin pasta that I have to share, it was a real hit among everyone who came over. Here’s the recipe. I even managed to make a vegetarian version (with vegetarian sausage) for my sister and she loved the flavors! It was so easy and great for a group – a must try!

Celebrating Halloween!

Celebrating Halloween!

So I guess that about sums up how fall is treating me. I managed to get in the garden this week and do a little debris clean-up, a little weeding, and adjust the irrigation clocks. Sure, getting used to the nights starting earlier will still take some getting used to, but I still just love this season. Happy Fall!

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  1. Amy

    Thanks for the link back to my recipe!! I hope you enjoyed it- how did the vegetarian version come out? I’d live to know!


  2. cassidywalkup

    Hi Amy,

    I’m sorry I just saw this! The vegetarian version came out great! I still used a vegetarian sausage that has a lot of flavor so I don’t think it missed a beat. Thanks so much, its a standard fall recipe in my household now.


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