Big Changes at Lazar Landscape!


We were elated to receive the much needed rain here at Lazar Landscape. Not only does it put a minor dent in our drought conditions, and calm (at least my frazzled nerves) at the lack of rain, we took the opportunity to keep some of our crews working and start a long overdue office makeover! It was the start of some big changes at Lazar Landscape that we’re excited to share with you in the coming months.


Step one of the office makeover was tearing down a partition wall for an office that was no longer in use. The objective is to create an open seating area as well as improve circulation from our big roll up door. Our office is housed in a warehouse with no insulation. Our design team bakes all summer long in the upstairs loft, and we can’t wait the invite more air and light into our space and winter turns to spring and summer.

DSC09050It turns out that it’s very fun to do “DIY” projects when you have talented craftsmen with you to help you achieve your goals. I’ve been collecting interesting, unwanted wood from our construction projects when I can find it. My vision was to use it as wall cladding in our new seating area. All we needed was a couple of rainy days to get the party started. After months of collecting – and funny looks from my coworkers – it was finally time to start our office makeover. Our clients frequently comment on the speed with which Lazar Landscape crews complete their projects, and our little office project is a fine example. The demolition and cleanup was completed before lunch time. After the first day of rain we had the beginning of our vision completed!


Waiting patiently for a couch

While our main objective at Lazar Landscape will always be on designing and building beautiful gardens, we’re excited about creating a work environment that engenders our creativity. Still on the office makeover docket is a fresh coat of paint, new concrete stain on our ground level. More rain would really be We also have some fun ideas for a reclaimed redwood table for our conference room and a batu wood coffee table for our new seating area. Big changes at Lazar Landscape indeed! Now we have one more reason to pray for rain.

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