Garden Tours

Spring is around the corner and that means Bay Area gardeners are busy preparing their gardens for another growing season.   Most gardeners will agree that spring is when their gardens are looking their best.  The flush of fresh leaves and flowers, combined with pleasant weather, are the reasons why gardens in the Bay Area are at their peak during the spring.  This is also why many, if not most, garden tours are held during the spring.

We are fortunate that many organizations allow us to tour both private and public places.  Seeing which plants flourish in a local garden is a great way of learning what plants will work in your own garden.  In addition, you will also be exposing yourself to a variety of garden design styles and garden materials.  Some of these ideas you may want to incorporate into your own garden.









Here is a small list of spring garden tours in the Bay Area-

Magnificent Magnolia Tours – Saturday, March 8, 10:30 AM at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

Ask the Experts: Organic Gardening Tour – Saturday March 15 1:00PM at the Garden for the Environment, 7th Ave, Lawton Street, San Francisco

Tulipmania at PIER 39 – Late February through early March at PIER 39, San Francisco

Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour – May 4th, Self-guided tours of 40 Alameda and Contra Costa county gardens

Moraga Juniors Garden Tour – Saturday May 9th, 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Danville-Alamo- Walnut Creek Spring Garden Tour – May 9th & May 10th, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Garden Conservancy – Open Days Garden Tours – East Bay May 31st

Garden Conservancy – Open Days Garden Tours – Marin County June 7th

Garden Conservancy – Open Days Garden Tours – San Francisco June 21

Check out your local newspaper and on-line for other local garden tours.









When visiting any garden remember your basic “Garden Visiting Etiquette”

– Park your car in the designated areas

– Ask permission before taking photographs

– Turn off your cell phone

– Stay on the paths

– Do not take seeds or cuttings without asking permission

– Do not peak in the windows or ask to use the bathroom

– If you bring children, keep an eye on them

– Do not bring your dog

– Thank your host, on leaving

– If you consider the garden not up to par, wait until you leave before making any comments.

Keep an open mind and enjoy the gardens.