Big Changes at Lazar Landscape – Part 2!

Major Spring Clean up - Where did all this stuff come from??

Major Spring Clean up – Where did all this stuff come from??

It’s got to get worse before it gets better. This is true in the work we do here at Lazar Landscape. There is a charge of demolition, soil moving, digging and grading that happens on most jobs before we start implementing the beautiful parts of our landscape installations. I have this conversation with my clients before we start any project. So you would think this would be at the forefront of my mind when, on our first rainy day of the season, we had a crew start tearing down walls to start a much-needed office renovation.

As we started our office renovation, we experienced the same excitement that our clients proclaim at the start of demolition. Everything happens so fast! And then the rain stopped – which is bad for two reasons… Ok, it’s only really bad for one reason, we desperately need rain in California. But when the rain stops, our Lazar Landscape work force returns to our real work of building gardens.

Fresh Paint on the walls - Signs of change...

Fresh Paint on the walls – Signs of change…

Tearing down a couple of walls plunged us into a massive spring-cleaning campaign in addition to our office renovation. Like many construction projects, there are cans of worms everywhere! The goal of our office renovation is to transform our dusty warehouse into an inviting workspace that we love to work in – because work is great and we are busy, busy, busy. We’ve given ourselves a deadline to have the office ship-shape by the vernal equinox. Guess who’s working weekends until then? We love deadlines here at Lazar Landscape.

As I’ve hinted before, the spring cleaning and office renovation are parts of the big changes at Lazar Landscape that we’ve been orchestrating over the past several months. We’re excited to burst forth fresh and green come spring. Until then, I’ve got to get to work!