Succulent Christmas Tree

Rainy Day Fun

Rainy Day Fun

The weather outside is frightful, but we’ve found a way to work with plants. A succulent Christmas tree is a fun indoor DIY project that keeps our hands and minds in the garden.

We started the Christmas tree by forming a cone out of chicken wire. We had big ideas of creating a template to make the cone, but ended up free-handing it. Chicken wire is very easy to manipulate by hand.

freehand cone

The next step is filling the cone with moistened sphagnum moss. Really try to pack it in.

sphagnum cone

We thought it would be fun to string the tree with battery-operated LED lights. So festive!



After you have the base, it’s time to start filling it with your succulents. We had a surplus of Sedum confusum, so decided to create a monochromatic tree – though there is great beauty in using a variety of succulents with lots of different colors. It helps to have a sharp, narrow tool – like a crochet hook or little screwdriver – to create space in the sphagnum moss to insert the succulent stem. Once you get the hang of things, it really goes quickly.

finished tree

After we finished the tree, we decided to decorate it!

This is a really fun DIY project for a rainy day. If you don’t have succulents in your garden, you can typically find groundcover succulent flats at your local nursery.