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Lazar Landscape has been creating beautiful, custom landscape design for clients home in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 30 years. Our full-service firm specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of gardens that fulfill the needs and enhance the lifestyles of our clients. We take great pride in the beautiful work that we do – and the great people with whom we are so fortunate to work.

We embrace the design/build approach to landscape design because it allows us to tailor each landscape design to our customers individual aesthetic and budget. We’re passionate about our work, and can offer a range of design solutions and services for any scale project, from low-water, sustainably designed Bay Friendly designs, to outdoor kitchens and fire pits, creating a focal point for outdoor living. Our designers are well versed in the Bay Area’s distinctive variety of plants, soil, wildlife and microclimates – and we’re trained to meet the demands presented by hillside properties and other unique sites. Lazar Landscape promotes water conservation and sustainable and maintainable building practices. Comprehensive design, and high quality construction standards are integral to every project.

Our client-oriented approach ensures that the design and installation of your landscape design project will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Through our design process, we are able to explore multiple budget options that are fine-tuned into a fixed bid that is established before work begins to ensure that there are no hidden costs as we move into construction. Once construction begins, we are able to expertly manage the schedule, budget and quality of your landscape design installation because your designer, project manager and construction crew all work together under one roof (or in one garden) together.

Lazar Landscape’s commitment to integrity and meeting our client’s objectives are cornerstones to our success. The goal of every job is to solve problems, to create beautiful outdoor spaces, and to enhance the quality of life of our clients.

Conceptual Garden Design Plan

Conceptual Garden Plan

Design Phase

If you’ve admired a garden over time, you know that great gardens don’t happen overnight. From the smallest container garden – to a full-scale garden transformation, great outdoor spaces start with great design. Depending on the scope of your project, one of our designers is ready to work with you to understand your goals and aesthetics and use her experience to carefully plan everything from simple planting plans through detailed structural hardscape plans. The following is an overview of our design process.

Free Phone Consultation. If you are interested in garden design or our design process, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to speak with you about any element of your garden project – from goals, timelines, budget and garden preferences. Start Planning Your Garden! Please take a moment to fill out our garden design questionnaire. You can do this before or after our phone consultation. Think of it as a thought-gathering document that will help us understand your goals, ideas, and design aesthetic.

First Meeting. After we’ve spoken, if it feels like we’re a good fit to work together, we’re happy to set up a first consultation meeting at your home. During this meeting, we’ll discuss what is working in your garden, and what you’d like to change. We’ll have preliminary suggestions about spatial arrangements, design elements, safety and special considerations that may be specific to your site. If we are indeed a good fit, we will move into the garden design phase, which is divided into different elements:

Site Analysis: Your designer will spend a little more time with you to revisit the scope of your project. She will conduct a survey of your site at this time, which includes measurements of the area to be designed including elevations to determine any elevation changes. Upon completion, we’ll develop a base plan – or an accurate map of your existing site.

Concept Designs and Rough Numbers: This is where things get fun in the design process. At our garden design concept meeting, we’ll present you with 1 – 3 iterations of your new garden that explore the potential of your space while taking your budget into consideration. We rarely meet people with unlimited budgets. Our goal is to design the garden of your dreams within the budget of your reality. The beauty of working with a design and build firm is that we constantly have our eyes on both of these categories in the design process.

Final Design with Fixed Cost Proposal: The concept phase allows us to look at many options and hone them into final presentation drawings. These are dimensioned, detailed plans from which our crews work. We estimate each line item to fine detail and present you with a fixed-cost proposal during our final meeting. We don’t share cost overruns on bid items with you, so you can be confident that your project will move forward on-time and on budget.


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Construction Phase Landscape Contractor License #436264

The second phase of our design-build approach is the construction phase. The construction contract is based on the line items you select from your final proposal and construction documents. If you have detailed plans from which we are able to provide an accurate proposal we can also give you a bid for your project, even if we did not complete the design.

Prior to the start of your construction project, your designer and project manager discuss the entire project scope and agreed upon contract and review specific details regarding your residence, including your specific requests and concerns. At our pre-construction kick-off meeting, you’ll be introduced to your project manager, who will be with you for your entire project to ensure things run smoothly.

Because we are a design-build company, we keep our finger on the pulse of your project. Your designer and project manager communicate daily about your project and its progress. While it doesn’t happen often, if changes need to be made to your design, we handle it seamlessly. We pride ourselves on completing landscape construction jobs to the highest residential construction standards and practices, as well as the standards of your designer.

As amazing as your garden transformation will be, we do recognize that it’s disruptive and can be stressful. We know that communication is the key to ensuring your construction project runs smoothly and we are committed to making sure the construction process is as enjoyable as your new garden.
A crew will be assigned to your project – and will be on site each weekday from 7.30 am until about 3.30 pm, unless you request an alternate start time. A crew typically consists of a foreman, a keyman, and two crewmembers, all of whom are skilled craftsmen. We’re proud to provide living wages and healthcare to all of our employees. It allows us to keep skilled craftsmen on staff to ensure the quality and value of your project.

A construction site can be a dangerous place, but since we are working at your home we want to ensure your safety and leave your site clean and safe each day during construction. While working at your residence our crew members also follow all construction safety standards on the job site. We also carry workers comp and liability insurance and can add you as additionally insured on our policy if requested.
Included in our construction contract are valuable warranties. 90 days after your installation is complete you designer will visit the garden to check on the progress of the installation. After, your construction crew will be scheduled to return and replace any plants that did not survive. They also check and set the irrigation system again for optimal performance.

We also provide a one year warranty on all hardscape, carpentry and irrigation. With over 30 years of experience creating and maintaining beautiful gardens you can be assured we will be here for you whenever you call.


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Garden Maintenance

Now that your garden installation is complete could you use the help of our skilled gardeners? Plants are the life-blood of your landscape. They transform your outdoor spaces from static installation into living, growing and constantly changing entity. A beautiful garden is a wonderful thing, but even a low maintenance garden takes some work and cultivation as it changes and grows. Beyond mowing and weeding, your garden deserves a professional garden service that brings out the natural grace and vision that went into its design.

Lazar Landscape’s gardeners specialize in custom residential landscape maintenance. For those who do not have the time or a green thumb to maintain their valuable landscape our gardeners can routinely maintain your residence and keep your garden flourishing and well groomed. We understand the importance of a quality garden service in cultivating a garden.

At Lazar Landscape, our landscape maintenance crews are trained and experienced gardeners. We offer quality expertise in garden maintenance including routine maintenance, landscape restoration, lawn care, general plant care, pruning, fertilization, and pest control. In addition, our gardeners are skilled in irrigation and lighting system checks, including diagnosis and repairs. Our landscape maintenance department also offers garden clean-ups, water feature repairs, mulching, annual and bulb planting, and many more small landscape maintenance projects. Our teams of experienced gardeners will assist you in preserving and enhancing the beauty and value of your property. Our staff treats every garden with great pride – like it was our own.

We provide customizable landscape maintenance plans ranging from basic routine maintenance care to premium garden service care packages. Feel free to call us for a free estimate. We will work with you to create an individualized and flexible maintenance service plan that will meet your needs and budget.